Monday, March 30, 2015

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HealthGal, Health Guide

Health and lifestyle journalist;Physician Assistant;HealthCoach;Nutritionist

When Healthy Labels and Trends Stretch the Truth

My last sharepost Natural Products Expo West Trends highlighted a number of the popular and new trends in the “healthy food” sector, focusing on some of what I thought were the healthier options among the thousands that peppered the... Read moreChevron

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Celeste Cooper

Celeste Cooper, Health Pro

Chronic pain patient, educator,and advocate

What’s Causing My Feet to Hurt?

Our feet are very important parts of our body. They provide a platform so we can move around, and they provide our body with the balance we need to perform many tasks. We take them for granted and don’t pay much attention unless our feet are out of sorts. They... Read moreChevron

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Alisha Bridges

Alisha Bridges, Health Guide

Just a girl trying to defeat psoriasis.

Clear Skin Brings New Fears

I never thought the day would come where my skin would be clear of psoriasis. Although not perfect, a biologic has rid my skin of psoriasis by 80 percent. The treatment requires shots every 3 months, and I’ve been on the drug for about 6 months. I was originally against the use of biologics because of the possible side effects, but after... Read moreChevron

Karen Lee Richards

Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide

Co-Founder of the National Fibromyalgia Assn.

How Exercise Improves Pain Tolerance

Although study after study has shown that exercise helps reduce fibromyalgia pain, we've had little understanding of why until now. Scientists have long known that during prolonged strenuous workouts, our bodies release endorphins, a kind of natural opiate that reduces pain and enables us to continue exercising. But they haven't known why (or... Read moreChevron