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To Lower Risk of Diabetes Commit to Diet and Exercise


If you need a strong motivator to get you to realize that preventing Read moreChevron

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Celeste Cooper, RN

Celeste Cooper, RN, Health Pro

Author, educator, patient and advocate

Q&A on Chronic Pain with Karl Hurst-Wicker


#1 - What Causes Chronic Pain?


Chronic pain is caused by many things and may be treated with injections,... Read moreChevron

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Alisha Bridges

Alisha Bridges, Health Guide

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Which Psoriasis Treatment is Best for You? (Quiz)

Asessment: Picking the Best Treatment for Psoriasis

20 years ago, there weren’t many treatment options for psoriasis aside from ointments, or the unconventional Chinese method of soaking with Garra Rufa fish which nibble away at dead skin. Now, there are a variety of options for psoriasis... Read moreChevron

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Kevin Berman, MD, PhD

Kevin Berman, MD, PhD, Health Guide


What is Ocular Melanoma?

Hi everyone. Today I want to talk about ocular melanoma, a type of melanoma that develops in the eye. While melanoma is usually associated with skin cancer, it can arise in the eye and spread to other parts of the body. Ultimatelym it can lead to death without there ever being a strange mole on the skin. Although dermatologists do not... Read moreChevron

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