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Monday, October 20, 2008 Wendi, Community Member, asks

Q: My daughter has a 1.5" linear red, crusty, oozing, sore spot on the top of her head.

We had a biopsy done 3 years ago and the 1st Dermotologist said it was Neavous Sebaceous and not to worry. Applied Steriod cream for 2 weeks and seem to heal the oozing & crusty stuff but never went away. 2nd Dermotologist said that it could not possibly be Neavous Sebaceous because there was a hair in the sample area they removed. Now 3 years later she is 10 and it is inflamed, oozing, crusty, painful, and 1.5" in length. We had a 3rd Dermotologist look at it, but he wants to go off the old biopsy results so we are waiting. Can you give me any information?

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HealthGal, Health Guide
10/21/08 7:05pm

Even though it is localized - did anyone consider "resistant sebhorreic dermatitis" or even psoriasis of the scalp?  Those can sometimes occur very localized and I just had a friend who after years (even as akid) of having it in a small patch - suddenly developed a disseminated case on just onse side of her head and is now with this more apread out version using Lumox mousse as a treatment.


I'd get a new biopsy - it is reasonable to ask for one after 3 years and see if they get a different diagnosis. 

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