• Tammy Tammy
    April 04, 2012
    is cancer in belly button a sign of stomach cancer
    Tammy Tammy
    April 04, 2012

    My mother has had bleeding in her belly button.  Her internist said he had only seen it one other time and it was cancer.  By the time a dermatologist looked at it the bleeding had stopped . They could not feel a lump so they concluded it was not cancer because there were be a lump under the skin.  They did not do a cat scan.  I've read online that this can be a sign of an agressive stomach cancer and by the time the sign reaches the skin it might be too late.  Any ideas?  Have you seen this before? The dermatologist had only seen it once before, did some research and said it's lumped in with skin cancer but I have my doubts and am concerned because they did not even do a scan to be sure.



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