• Jan Jan
    February 01, 2014
    What can I do about continuous sneezing and runny nose after Mohs surgery?
    Jan Jan
    February 01, 2014

    I had Mohs surgery six days ago, and I have gone every two days for it to be redressed; however, yesterday my nose, although it has a plug in it, is continually running, which is making me sneeze excessively.  What can I do about this?



  • James Leary
    August 07, 2014
    James Leary
    August 07, 2014



    I know it has been a couple of months, but I was wondering how you are doing with your symptoms?  I have had a close family member with the same surgery, so I was curious about your outcome.  I would haev suggested that you consult your physician the next time you went for a redressing, but it sounds like your problem was more immediate than that.  I am not a doctor and can't diagnose your or anything, but if you are in that much discomfort, I would suggest going to see the doctor as soon as possible or even visiting and ER or immediate care center.


    Please do let us know how you are doing.  I'm sure your experience would be of great benefit to others on the site!


    Best of luck,



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