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Wednesday, November 26, 2008 Webby 123, Community Member, asks

Q: Should I go ahead with recommended punch biopsy of lession on nose. I have consmetic concerns.

I have 'sort of' a lesion on my nose.  If I didn't point it out to the doctor, she would not have noticed it.  It is a very small superficial flat area on the 'ball' of my nose,that is non painful, but produces a fine thin flaky covering at times.  I mostly forget about it until I intentionally or inadvertently scrape of the flakey skin covering it.  Then it is a little pinkish for a couple of days, may sting just enough that I am aware of it, or if I intentially touch it.  In time (a number of weeks) a new flakiness developes over top.  At times the skin is smooth and there is no apparent flakiness or lesion at all, and most days it is not visible, unless the flakiness has been recently scraped off.  It is about the size of the head of a srew top or 1/2 the size of the diameter of a pencil.  I see a dermatologist for anual 'sun checks' and have a history of basal cell on my legs which have been removed.  The dermatologist wants to do a punch biopsy of my nose and I am unsure this invasive procedure it is warranted, and definitely don't want a 'dent' right on the ball of my nose!  It would be easy for me to leave this alone, as it is amost asymptomatic.  I was suprised by the Dermatologists suggestion to have a punch biopsy done, seems rather drastic for such a minimal 'lesion', and would like a second opinion in view of the history of two basal cell lesions removed from my legs.  

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HealthGal, Health Guide
12/ 1/08 11:11pm

Based on your description it does not sound like a "normal lesion" - it actually sounds like a precancer or early cancer of some nature.  "Leaving it alone" because you don't want a minor disfigurement can mean severe disfigurment down the road when the cancer becomes extensive and invasive.  Sorry to sound harsh but there is "no decision" here - when a doctor feels a biopsy is warranted - it probably is.  If it turns out to be non-cancer - fillers can repair the small dent or hollow area if it doesn't heal to your satisfaction.  Get it checked out.

nameissues, Community Member
3/21/11 5:48pm

What did you decide to do? How did it turn out? I have a very similar lesion on my nose and don't know what to do.



Olga Phillips, Community Member
8/30/12 7:30pm

I went & had a biopsy don on my nose...I have a pretty ugly lesion on the ball of

the nose & Dr. said I would get results in two weeks & if I didn`t hear from them, I

would not have to worry, but they called two days later & want to see me, I guess

it`s not good.   Worried sick!

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