• Glenda Glenda
    October 09, 2008
    I had a biopsy of a place on my face come back precancerous. What does that mean
    Glenda Glenda
    October 09, 2008

    My Dr. cut out a little place on my forehead to send out for biopsy.  It came back precancerous.  What does that mean?.  I have to go in for a treatment.  What is the treatment??



  • HealthGal
    Health Guide
    October 13, 2008
    Health Guide
    October 09, 2008

    It means that the lesion contains cells that could go on to become cancerous if not treated.  In all liklihood you will be offered several options including a medicinal treatment, laser or a combination.  Once you get the specific diagnosis and treatment you can check back here again.


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