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Anna,   Like you I do not have insurance, my resolve will have to come from someone or something other than a doctor or prescription.  Through many hours searching and communicating with others who share similar symptoms, I think for me it may be allergic contact dermatitis (a form of eczema).  I am pretty sure mine is not cancer because it comes and goes a couple times a month.  I googled pictures of this and found most pictures to be very extreme cases and on other different parts of the body (not like mine), however there were a few eyelid pics that looked similar to mine.   Being I am without insurance I have been trying to see if there is anything in my diet or environment that triggers the flare ups and I have found that alcohol aggravates my "problem".  Not that I am a big drinker but I do/did enjoy wine occasionally with dinner and a beer sometimes with a game.  Since cutting alcohol out completely my eyelid has been better, not cured, but better in the respect that it doesn't itch as much and it is not as red and irritated (OLD) looking... still get that little "puffy" spot just under my brow bone when it flares up.   Wish I could give you an answer, I know it is extremely frustrating to deal with.  Don't know if this was any help to you... sometimes just knowing that you are not the only one on earth with this crazy problem makes you feel just a little better!  Hang in there!