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I seem to have the same symptoms. Its october now, and I noticed I started to get dry itchy patches of skin on both eyelids last NOVEMBER. So it's almost been a year now =(. It started out as small itchy patches on my eyelids, then after about a month or so my lash line on both lids got very red and swollen, it looked like i was wearing red eyeshadow all the time. After about 4 months of not doing anything I went to my uncle who is a doctor and he perscribed hydrocortizone cream and I used that for about a month and everything was okay for that time. After a month it came back and it was only on my eyelid crease on both eyes. I had droopy wrinkly eyelids all the time for another 3-4 months and so I went back to my uncle and he perscribed fucidin for my eyelids. Now my right eyelid is pretty much completely healed and my left eye was almost there until the last 2 weeks or so i've noticed this very red itchy dry patch of skin under my left eyebrow. It's extremely red and itchy, some days its almost gone completely then the next day it rears its ugly head and come back full force. Maybe its something im eating im not sure? other than that i have no idea what it could be. Does anyone know what will make it go away forever without having to constantly put a cream or gel on it? =( DESPERATE!