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Hello all,   I am so glad I found this.  I have had problems for almost two weeks.  I went to urgent care and the 12 year old doctor I had said it was an allergic reaction, hives or stress.  I started getting a rash under one eye, then it spread to both eyebrows, then both cheeks, then my chin area.  It looked like someone threw acid on me.  Now it is mostly going from one eye to the other and my chin.  I thought it was clearing up but it is not.  Right now I am trying a yogurt and oatmeal mask but I don't believe it is doing anything.   I was also given a high dose of Benydryl, antibiotics and a cream.  The cream, whatever it is makes my skin burn.  Actually anything makes my skin burn since it is basically exposed skin.  I really don't want to work out since sweating makes me hurt from the salty sweat.  I have been eating terrible lately (depressed from the way I look).  I also believe I have aged.  I keep telling my family but they think I am crazy.   I read everyone's reviews and I have made a list of what I am going to go out and buy today to see what will work...   Nizoral Shampoo Cetyaphil Lotion Yerba Mate Tea Orgatic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil And double does of B vitamins!   Also if I can find one, I am going to an Asian market.  Sometimes they can just look at you and recommend something to fix your problem.  I wrote down everything that guy said and if those other things don't work, I am doing to order that stuff on line.  I am also going to make an effort to cut out yeast and sugar.  I have been eating it like it is going out of style.   Like all of you I had changed nothing.  I had Lasik 5 years ago.  I thought maybe it was my dog because I had just got him groomed when the symptoms came on.  I am on vacation now and I really don't want anyone to see me.  I will let everyone know how this stuff works!