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Same Problem.  For me, the first thing I tried after a couple weeks of increased redness and itchiness was Neosporin.  Almost immediately upon applying it the redness and swelling went down.  And the next day the skin was smoother and less red.   HOWEVER, the following day it came back.  This says to me that there is definitely a bacteria problem as Neosporin is anti-bacterial.  I would recommend trying it as it wasn't painful and it did help me temporarily.  Perhaps it could help you long term.   I plan on trying the following really great suggestions found in this thread:   Vitamins: Super B complex, Omega 3 and Acidophilus Reduction or Removal of Sugar from my diet Cleansing of the eyelids with Nizoral Shampoo Application of Coconut Oil to the affected skin area Eye Drops --- I have some eye drops an eye doctor gave me a while back for allergies that I will use again but I don't know the brand. Solaray Yeast Cleanse   Hopefully these will help.  I definitely think Sugar and Stress are big culprits in causing rashes at least in my case.  And I also think that I haven't gotten enough sun exposure mainly from being in an office all day and staring at a computer screen.  For the past two days I've tried to get more sunlight on my face, however, the Bay Area can sometimes be difficult in that.  I am considering Tanning, but I don't know if tanning could be dangerous to the eyelids as I know you are supposed to wear protective eyewear.  But generally skin problems increase for me during the winter and I think tanning in moderation could potentially be helpful.  But wondering if anyone has thoughts on the subject?