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This is nasty stuff. I had it a few years ago & had a hard time getting rid of it. It came back recently but this time I managed to stop it immediately. Now it's completely gone. I think mine was caused by a combination of stress, allergies, and possibly a mild case of psoriasis.   This is what worked for me.  I hope it works for you.   --Spread plain yogurt on one side of cotton pads cut in 1/2 circles. Partially freeze and place around eyes in the morning. -- Most important, I used Trilane an anti-aging moisturizer (can get it online from Dr. Susan Lark).  Dip a Q-Tip into it & gently apply in a circular motion around the eyes.  Finish massaging in with a fingertip (don't get in eyes). It's not cheap but it works. It also got rid of a stubborn patch of psoriasis that I had for years. --When the skin was really red, sore and cracking I also used ScarZone with zinc & green tea to soothe it. --I flushed my sinuses regularly with NeilMed sinus rinse, or you can use a neti pot. --I drank St. John's Wort tea and Yogi Detox tea. --I supplemented my vitamins with zinc, B Complex and added extra B-12. I also took Benadryl for allergies.   --CM