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Okay, I've had this for several weeks now. Unlike most of you, I have changed a TON of stuff in my normal regimen.  I switched to all natural makeup, creams, etc.  I also got a new rug.  A rug that shed like crazy.   I had a dry cough for the longest time and could not figure out what it was. Finally, one day I said to my husband, "You know, I think I'm allergic to that rug." Well, we quickly got rid of it and the dry cough immediately went away. But this sore on my left eyelid (slight on my right, but big time on the left) appeared.  I thought it was possibly an eye serum that was too potent, or one of the shimmery new mineral shadows, but I'm thinking it was caused by the allergy from the rug.   I wish I had a cure for everyone.  I've just been using coconut oil and not wearing any makeup.  I'm going to start researching excema from allergies.  My guess is that is what it's from.  Thanks to everyone for all of this great information.  It's been torture researching and not finding answers!