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I also have an eyelid rash, on both eyes.  My left eye is worse, the rash covers most of my eyelid and also my undereye area, and the right eye is just on the lid but seems to be spreading down, depending on the day I really notice and examine it.  After reading all the above, and looking back on my life, I can say with certainty that this condition developed about 2-3 months ago, during a time of great stress at work/personal life.   This was a time I also was "stress eating" a lot of junky foods, mostly sugary crap.  Anyway i apply valseline nightly, which helps a little.  I wake up to smoother and less red, flaky skin but then as the day goes on it just comes back.  Sometimes it's wrinkly very red, and also stings.  Hmmmmmm....I think it's time to go to the dermatologist.  Maybe he can say whether it is a fungus or not and get me treated,because it's really quite annoying.  Not to mention I look like a freak.