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I have used baby shampoo for years now to clean my eye makeup off with. I just recently developed this condition and have not stopped using hte baby shampoo. I'm glad it worked for you but I wold not say it is a cure. However it is the best most gentle way to remove eye makeup. I am thinking I got mine from my eye shadow. I bought a new compact of Revlon colorstay eyeshadow (same one I have used for a few years now) and it started. I noticed that after I stopped using that brand and changed brushes it started to get better some. I say this because I love this color, so I started wearing it again this week and my eyes are back to the way the were before I stopped using it. I wonder what they ar eputting in our makeup now days that could be causing this fungus. I heard they used to make eyeshadow out out of bat poo. dont know if that was true or if they still do it if it was. Maybe the companies should start looking into some new technologies.