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BLUESTR OINTMENT. Its not expensive and you can get it anywhere. I got mine at Walgreens. I had this stuff appear on my eyelids a couple of months ago and the I told my husband I thought it was ringworm. Of course it wasnt but thats what I thought when it first appeared. It started in the corner of my left eye next to my nose and then spread to the right eye (I am guessing thru the make up applicator and then started under my eye as well. It continued to get worse and worse and my eyes started looking horrible and itched and burned and flaked. I was miserable. I got on here and started reading some of your comments and realized alot of us have the same problem and were looking for solutions. Jock itch cream and athletes foot treatment were not going to be my answer for After realizing that most agree it was some sort of fungus I thought about the blue stare ointment. I always kept it on hand when my kids ere young as ring worm was a common thing especially for my son since he couldnt keep his hands off animals or out of the dirt. So I thought well it couldnt hurt. I first tried Aveeno anti itch ointment and that helped relieve some of the dryness but didnt take away the problem. I used a thin layer of bluestar twice a day for two days and you wouldnt today that ithere was ever anything wrong. It is completely gone. I did not use makeup for those 2 days will replace all my eye makeup and make up brushes, but am so glad this worked for me. My hope is that all of you find what works for you and get rid of it as I know how miserable and painful and embarrassing this problem is. I was scared at first after reading so many of these posts of people having it for years and not finding a cure but now, I am myself again and you couldnt even tell I had a problem at all. Thank you all for your posts that lead me down the right path for me. Careful with the amount you put on eyelids if you choose to use this product as they are thin and you probably should not glob it on or get it in your eyes. I used a Q-tip to apply mine. Good luck to all of you.