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I have the identical thing. I'm only 16 and it started last year in winter. My entire eyelid goes red, flakey and incredibley sore. It got to the point where blinking hurt so badly I couldn't do it, and my eyes began to dry out, so I went to the hospital and they told me to put mosturiser on my eyelids and i'd be fine. So I got home, still in huge pain, and put E45 specialist cream on my eyes (it has no perfum etc..) and it left me screaming in pain and my eyes worse than ever. I went to 4 doctors over 3 days, they each told me to moisturise and that it was just an allergy. But then on christmas eve I went to an emergency clinic because I couldn't take the pain, I couldn't see out of my eyes and hadn't been able to for about a month. He identified it as a fungus, and that it was the worst he'd ever seen. He shone a light on my eyelid, and apparently my dad could physically see the fungus. After just two weeks of anti-biotics I was completely recovered. They say the infection caused by an allgergic reaction to animals, but i'm fine with my cat in the summer. Anyone else like me?