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Hi! I also have a flacky, red, itchy and it hurts rash that i break out around my lower and upper eye lids. It also becomes alittle swollen and bumpy at times on the top lid and makes my eyes look very wrinkled. I have had this since i've had my son which is going on three years now. It comes and goes when the weather changes. I did stop using sugar and switched to splenda but i still do eat sweets every once in awhile. I have been to the dermatologist and he couldnt tell me what it was so dont waste your money. I even went to my eye doctor twice and they perscribed me flomax eye drops and paday eye drops and it really hasnt made a difference. I do however have this fungus that grows in our mulch that we change out every year so i'm wondering if it has anything to do with my eyes doing this. It never really has gone away and ive had it since we have had the mulch. weird i know. I'm going to go me some azo and pray it helps because this stuff is driving me nuts!! I cant even were eye makeup anymore because my eye is watering all the time now. I might not ever get rid of it which is alittle scary because its just awful...