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Saturday, July 19, 2008 Lorraine, Community Member, asks

Q: Why is my scar from a Basal Cell Carcinoma removal made my face uneven

Lorraine 19 July 2008


I  had a BCC removed from the side of my nose 2 months ago. The scar is from the corner of my eye almost to the top of my lip about 7-8 cm. The scar flap is perfect but the peripheral area is a problem.  I have been left with a deep crease down my laugh line. From the corner of my nose to my mouth there is 1.5cm ridge where the internal stitches were and  a 1cm depression at the end that creates the crease and also wrinkle lines next to it.  I assume the wrinkles were caused by pulling the flap closure.  I also have little lumps in the corner of my nose, suture lumps I assume. My nose is also slightly crooked now.  Has anyone else had this problem and did it go away. The crease  makes one side of my face look older than the other.  I am 50 something could my age be a contributing factor.  I am very depressed with the outcome.  I am not keloid. 

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HealthGal, Health Guide
7/30/08 8:36pm

Currently there are a variety of "fillers" that are considered very safe for use in filling depressions left from skin surgery due to a pre-cancer or cancer.  So I would get a plastic surgeon/dermatologists opinion on the possibility of this correction being done (it will have to be repeated with some frequency) - and make sure it is a board-certified specialist.  I also know that silicone pads can help with minimizing scarring - but I'm not sure that would help in any way.

The fillers can be bovine collagen, Restylane and even your own fat, in some cases - so do pursue this since there are many filler options.  Replace your depression with a proactive move that can hopefully provide a solution.  You deserve it!!

Divergirl, Community Member
5/15/09 9:11am

Hi Lorraine. It's been a year since you posted this so perhaps your scar looks better. After two months I used a gel from the drug store that helps smooth it. Stay away from vitamin e as that makes the scar spread out. gently knead the scar so that the nubbly stuff underneath breaks up and gets removed by the system. Keep the area around the scar moisturized to minimize pulling and stretching. Now mine is very smooth but I use an appropriately-colored "erase" or cover stick in the morning (like the ones teens use on blemishes) to feather the sides so I don't have a straight white line. I am your same age. Actors use white/light to bring depressions visually up to the surface, and dark greasepaint to make hollows and lines, so I used that principle. Every morn I put on a lightweight sunblock that does not sting (aloe-up -FACE-from minnesota). Good luck!

tinafey, Community Member
12/ 2/11 11:05am

I know these scars can be very stressful and difficult to get rid of! I want to offer a potential solution to help you get back to your normal life. Dermaflage is a silicone based dermal filler for recessed scars on the face and body. It makes scars completely disappear for up to36 hours, and is waterproof. I've had several post Mohs patients tell me this product was their salvation. I hope this helps! www.Dermaflage.com

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