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Q: How long is recovery from Mohs surgery?

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Merely Me, Health Guide
1/20/10 4:01pm



I see that you had asked this question some months ago.  Are you considering having Mohs surgery or have you had it?


I just did an interview with one of our members named Gemma which you will want to read.  It has been months since her surgery and she is still in a state of recovering.


Also our Doctor Kevin Berman wrote a post about Mohs surgery and recovery which got tons...and I mean tons of comments from members who have been through this and can tell you what the recovery process can be like.


In researching your question it seems the answer is...it depends.  It depends on how much cancer tissue they took out, your state of health, if there are complications such as an infection, etc.  Everyone will have a different rate of recovery.


I found one PDF file about Mohs surgery from The Skin Surgery Medical Group, Inc where they say this about the time of recovery: 


"Complete healing of the surgical scar takes place over 12 to
18 months. Especially during the first few months, the site
may feel swollen or lumpy and there may be some redness."


But my best suggestion is to ask your doctor.  He or she will be able to tell you much better than we can...what is the expected recovery time and process for you.


Hope this helps!  Thank you for your question.

Dot, Community Member
2/15/10 8:12pm

I a brunette who never liked the sun, came up unexpectedly with SCC - had MOH surgrey on top of head - finished size was about the size of a quarter - they used the "purse strings" - where they used my own skin over where they removed the cancer cells - reminded me of a little leather coin bag - or draw string - wondered why they were pushing down on my head so hard - I could not bend over or anything similar as it basically is somewhat of an open hole - I was healed in two months - had it done last July and have hair growing out of it - make sure you get your hair done, colored, perm etc. or whatever - as it is a long time until yu can wash it as normal - my daughters fiance had MOH surgery on his ear - and he is fine - friend had it on her face - I never knew she actually had it done - but make sure they check out the whole area - as much as I liked my surgeon - the physicians assistant

checked whole body for moles - but just one tiny bit on my scalp and two months later  I have to go back "as they didn't get it all". Oh yes, for me I definitely could not bend over -

shell1972, Community Member
5/23/12 3:16pm

i am 38 and had bcc on the side of my nose..i had mohs surgery and expected it to b a simple and quick healing procedure..not!!!!they took 5 layers out side of my nose and i was basically left w a collapsed huge hole tht made me cry my eyes out..the damage was so bad they couldnt close it w stitches so off to the plastic surgeon i went..i then had a skin graft..they took a strip of skin from top of my ear to bottom and grafted it onto my nose..this was done in the summer of 2011 and i still look awful..i now have to get another surgery in 3 weeks to take cartilage from my ear and put a piece inside my nose to pop it out cuz its still slightly collapsed and i cannot breathe...i have no idea what ill look like when all is said and done but my graft is white and bumpy so i also have get laser surgery to smooth it out...so i guess its gonna b about 2 years before i can b slighty happy w my results....its been a long road of hell but my damage was extensive and others may not be..everyone is different...i also wouldnt have gone thru such a huge ordeal if the first plastic surgeon tht took off the bcc 5 years ago would of reffered me to a mohs surgeon(he said the small bit of bcc i had left would take care of itself)all he did was sew me up and it grew for 5 freaking years!!im thinking of sueing..this would of never been so bad if he knew what he was talking about...my mother also had mohs done and it healed in 6 mths and there is no scar..so i guess its how long the cancer had time to grow??

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