8 Tips for Fall Skin Care

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • As the season changes from summer to fall and the weather turns cooler we normally update our wardrobe and change from shorts and sleeveless tops to pants and jackets. We don’t always think about changing our skin care as the seasons change but the changing weather means your skin care needs are different as well. The following are some tips to follow as the temperatures begin to drop:


    Apply moisturizer every day. The heat of summertime may have left your skin dry and flaky. You may notice some uneven tones or rough patches. Now that it is cooler you may think you don’t need to moisture as often but cooler temperature means drier air. Apply moisturizer to your whole body, including your face, at least once a day. Use a nighttime moisturizer on your face before going to bed.

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    Pay attention to your hands. During the colder months, your hands are exposed to the elements and tend to dry out. At night, apply a moisturizer on your hands and then put on thin cotton gloves before going to bed. 


    Watch for body acne. Layers of clothing can trap oil and dirt against your skin, causing acne that appears on your back or arms. Use an acne body wash daily when showering. Body acne can sometimes be caused or irritated by fragrances in everyday items such as laundry detergents, lotion and hair products. Switch to products that are fragrance-free.


    Add an eye moisturizer. The skin around your eyes doesn’t have oil-producing glands and can dry out. Fine lines and wrinkles may be more apparent. Use a moisturizer around your eyes on a daily basis.


    Use a cleanser that doesn’t strip skin of natural oils. During the high humidity days of summer, your skin was probably oilier and you may have needed a cleanser that washed away the oil. But with the drier air of fall and winter, you want to preserve your natural moisture. Use a gentle cleanser to wash away the dirt but doesn’t strip your skin of its own oils.


    Exfoliate your skin. If your skin is looking dull after the long summer, use an exfoliating cleanser to remove the outer layer of skin leaving your face looking brighter. When exfoliating, don’t scrub so hard that you damage your skin and use an exfoliating cleanser only once or twice a week, not every day.


    Use lip balm. The drier air and wind can cause dry, chapped lips. Use a moisturizing lip balm to seal in moisturize and protect your lips from the elements.


    Keep yourself hydrated. Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to drink the recommended amount of water each day. Your skin will look healthier if you stay hydrated.


    The one thing you don’t want to change, no matter what the season, is using sunscreen. Protecting your skin from UV rays is a year round job. Whether it is cold or hot, sunny or cloudy, you should make using sunscreen a part of your daily regime of skin care.  If you crave the sun-kissed look, try using a skin bronzer, which is a much safer alternative than being in the sun or using a tanning bed.

Published On: September 20, 2012