8 Things You Should Know About Men’s Skin Care

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  • Skin care, especially facial skin care, has always been seen as a woman’s domain. But in recent years, men’s skin care products are becoming more and more popular. Even so, most men aren’t sure what they need to know or what products to look for. According to a report by NPD Group, “Seventy-five percent of men ages 18 and up are not currently using facial skincare products. There is a feeling that facial skincare products are not needed unless you have a specific skin problem such as acne. For men to use a product, he first must be aware that there is an underlying need that requires addressing...They must also have to unlearn the idea that the body skincare product they use, such as bar soap and body lotion works just as well for facial skin.” [1]

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    In order to best take care of your face, there are some things men need to know:

    Men’s facial skin is thicker than women’s. While that means you may not wrinkle as quickly as women, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need moisturizer. Shaving strips your face of natural oils and a moisturizer helps to replenish your skin.

    Men’s pores are generally larger than women’s. This may not seem very important but it can change how cleansers work and what type you should use. Look for cleansers that are specifically made for men.

    Washing your face more than twice a day is too much. You might think that the more you wash your face, the better, but washing more than twice a day will dry out your skin. Many people wash only once a day, at night, and just splash with water in the morning.

    Warm water is better than hot. Hot water tends to strip your face (and your body) of natural oils, leaving it dry. Wash your face with warm water and lower the temperature of your shower to help your skin stay healthy.

    All skin is not the same and all products don’t work on all skin types. It is important to know if your skin is dry, oily, a combination of both or sensitive. Skin care products usually target a specific skin type so before you buy products, know what type of skin you have.

    For specific skin conditions, such as acne, buy specialized products. The bar of soap you use in the shower isn’t going to help acne or help reduce the effects of aging. Think about what skin problems you want to work on and then buy products that target those areas.

    If you have sensitive skin, check the ingredients of your skin care products. Avoid products containing perfumes, alcohol, soaps and anti-bacterial ingredients. Even products marketed for sensitive skin can contain these ingredients so don’t just check the front label, look closely at the ingredients.

    Sun protection is just as important for men. Apply sunscreen to your face and any parts of your body that are exposed every morning before leaving the house. Men often don’t worry about sunscreen but sun damage can happen to anyone.


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Published On: January 29, 2013