Get Rid of Your Acne This Year

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  • If you suffer from acne, clearing up your complexion may be on your New Year’s resolution list. You may be at a stage where you have given up hope as nothing seems to work very well. You have tried all the over the counter products. You have scrubbed your face raw. You even listened to old wive’s tales that eating chocolate causes zits. Yet despite spending tons of money on acne products or giving up chocolate you still break out. What gives?


    For some of us the battle to clear up our acne lasts for years and even decades.And the scars left behind are not just physical but emotional. Acne can be disfiguring as well as depressing.

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    So what can be done? We have some information, resources, and suggestions to help you with your goal to get rid of your acne once and for all.


    Here are some of your acne questions answered:


    What does or does not cause acne?


    It is good to understand some of the triggers for an acne break-out as well as to know what has not been proven to be a cause of acne. Hint: One thing that does not cause acne is chocolate. Thank goodness!


    Causes of Acne

    Five Myths about Acne


    Food Does Not Cause Acne (American Academy of Dermatology)

    When should I see a dermatologist for my acne and how do I find one?


    One of the best things you can do to begin the process of treating your acne is to see the appropriate doctor. That doctor would be a dermatologist, who is skilled in diagnosing and treating skin disease. I was not able to get rid of my adult acne until I saw a dermatologist in my late thirties. I wish I could have gone back in time and made an appointment about twenty years earlier.


    A simple way to find a dermatologist is to ask for a referral from your primary physician or you can use the link below from the American Academy of Dermatology.


    When to See a Dermatologist for your Acne (American Academy of Dermatology)

    Find a Dermatologist


    What things should I not do to treat my acne?


    One thing you should not do is to continue to spend money on over the counter products if they have been unsuccessful in the past to clear up your skin. Seek the help of a qualified dermatologist who can set up a treatment plan based upon your unique skin problem. Not all acne is alike and not all skin types are alike. Your treatment needs to be specialized for you.


    The links below describe additional things you should not do if you have acne prone skin.


    Tanning is not a good treatment for acne

    Never Pop a Zit


    What are some possible treatments for acne?


    Treatment ranges from the use of topical medications to laser therapy. Here is some information about the various acne treatments. But the best thing you can do is to seek the advice of a dermatologist to set up an individualized skin program for you.


    Retin-A and Accutane


    ClearLight Therapy


    Acne Drug Information

    Chemical peels (Dermal Network)


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    Oral antibiotics (American Academy of Dermatology)

    Birth control pills for female acne sufferers (Nemours)


    Laser Treatment (


    What can I do about recurring or adult acne?


    This was the kind of acne I developed where I simply could not get rid of it. I would get a little better when I used some of the over the counter products but then the product would stop working and my acne would be back with a vengeance. While most people stop breaking out after adolescence and the teen years I continued to suffer from acne well into my twenties and thirties. I understand how very frustrating it can be to deal with acne problems for so long. But there is help and there is treatment. Again, the first step is to make an appointment with a dermatologist.


    Advice from a dermatologist


    How I Got Rid of my Adult Acne


    Clearing Up the Mystery of Adult Acne (CBS The Early Show)


    We wish you the best of luck with your skin care goals for this year. Any time you need information or even some emotional support we are here for you. Don’t hesitate to ask a question, post a comment, or write about your skin care experiences. We would love to hear from you!

Published On: December 20, 2010