Botox for Men: Why More Males are Getting Bro-Tox

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  • In one episode of the popular sitcom, Modern Family, patriarch of the family, Jay (played by Ed O’Neil who you may remember from Married with Children) decides to get a Botox injection. The procedure doesn’t go well and he ends up with a very noticeable droopy eye which he tries to cover up with sunglasses. Here is just some of the comedic dialogue from the show which ensues from this situation:


    Jay: I had botox.


    Gloria: Like the ladies use for their wrinkles?


    Claire: His face looks like a candle.


    Cam: What were you thinking you're a veteran.


    Despite the risk of looking like a melting candle more men are choosing to “freshen” their look with Botox or other cosmetic procedures including surgery. In this post we are going to explore the reason for the growing popularity of Botox, or what some are calling bro-tox among men.

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    How many men are getting Botox treatments?


    According to the official Botox website approximately 6% of the total Botox cosmetic procedures are performed on men. In addition, ABC News reported in 2011 that as many as 300,000 men received Botox that year, a 10% rise from 2010.


    Why are more men contemplating getting Botox injections?


    “Vanity, thy name is woman” is a popular misquote from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We use this phrase today to depict women as being overly concerned with their appearance. But it isn’t just women anymore who have cosmetic concerns. There is a societal push nowadays for both sexes to look years younger. And that translates to getting rid of wrinkles. The advertising industry has capitalized on this growing concern over looking older and is recommending “a confidence boost” for men who are as young as thirty to do something about fine lines and wrinkles.


    One advertisement went as far as to say that if women worry about wrinkles all the time, “why not men, too?” Some advocates of Botox for men say that wrinkles make men look angry and unapproachable. Some predict that if men were to erase those signs of aging that they could better succeed at work or in attracting the opposite sex. But they also say the guys might need a little “push” to erase their wrinkles. This is why some advertisements are more geared for girlfriends and wives to convince their wrinkled mates to get Botox. And the ads have worked. According to ABC News, one of the hot holiday gifts women were giving to their male partners this past Christmas was the gift of Botox.


    It seems that some men want to try Botox for the same reasons that women do. They wish to eliminate (at least temporarily) the furrows and wrinkles (glabellar lines) between the eyebrows. And in this recession, many men wish to compete in business by looking younger. Other men may be lured by thoughts of being more attractive to women by getting rid of signs of aging. But is this true?  Do men need to lose their signs of aging in order to look good?

    Imagine if these men were de-wrinkled…


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    • Imagine actor Daniel Craig, who played James Bond in Quantum of Solace and has had lead roles in blockbuster movies including The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo, without his lines and furrows. Hard to picture isn’t it? I dare say that much of Daniel Craig’s attractiveness is due to the combination of confidence and his rugged masculine appearance.


    Clint Eastwood has always looked a little weathered even in his younger days. Picture Clint in classics such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and then as Dirty Harry. Now imagine the baby faced Justin Bieber uttering the lines, “Do you feel lucky punk?” Just doesn’t work now does it? Clint’s lines and wrinkles have always given him more depth and character in my opinion.


    • Remember when mega-star George Clooney starred in sitcoms such as The Facts of Life or Roseanne?  Is it just me or did he look a little dorky back then? He is one of those stars who has become much more attractive over time. And George has reported to the media that he likes his grey hair and wrinkles because he feels they give him more of an edge than he had in his 20’s and 30’s. We agree George.


    Compare these leading men to Bruce Jenner, Wayne Newton, and Mickey Rourke who are more known now for having bad plastic surgery than they are for their talents and accomplishments.  Sometimes having no wrinkles can look a little unnatural.


    As the sitcom character Jay found out on Modern Family, many women love their guys just as they are, including the wrinkles. Gloria (Sofia Vergara) who plays Jay’s wife on the show shows her love and acceptance of her husband when she comforts him after his Botox fiasco. "This is the face I fell in love with," she says, pointing to the normal half of his face. "Not this one."


    What are your thoughts? Do you think that Botox can improve confidence and attractiveness in men? Or do you think that age lines and wrinkles give men more sex appeal in some cases? Let us know what you think. We value your opinion.

Published On: February 26, 2012