The New and Improved MySkinCareConnection!

MK Editor
  • Hi folks,


    Writing to let you know that over the past few months, we have been working really hard to make some changes to this site so that its cleaner and easier for you to read and find the information you need.


    After all, what's good about a skin care information and support site, if you can't seem to locate the information, and the support? Hopefully that hasn't been the case before. Now, you should just be able to find information and support mush EASIER.


    Some things we had in mind when redesigning:


    I am, personally, really thrilled with the way the redesign turned out. I will continue rolling out easier to use, to read, and prettier-to-look-at pages as time goes on- things are only going to get better and better!

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    Please, if you have any comments on the redesign, whether you like it, hate it, or have suggestions, please let me know. We're always looking to make this site better and easier to use for you.


    Happy New Year!


Published On: January 10, 2008