Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions

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  • Christine Eads, the creator and co-host of XM Radio's talk show, "Broadminded", vividly remembers the most embarrassing moment of her broadcasting career. Mid-interview with George Clooney, her false eyelashes detached themselves from one of her eyelids and began a slow, spiderlike descent down her cheek. Though Clooney apparently did the gentlemanly thing and ignored the wayward lashes, Christine was understandably mortified.


    These days, she saves herself from a red face on the red carpet by sporting Xtreme Lashes eyelash extensions applied by my senior aesthetician, Rania Elbashir, who is a certified advanced trainer for this procedure.

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    Expertly-applied eyelash extensions dramatically offset drooping eyelids, enhance the beauty of your eyes and even improve the apparent proportions of your face. I find that they are a perfect complement to the Botox, filler, lasers and other minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedures that I offer in my offices. And, as Christine discovered after a recent visit to a waterpark, they can garner you plenty of compliments from passers-by who marvel at your good luck in having such "naturally" long lashes.


    [Throw away your mascara - or, at least, reserve it for ultra-glam evening occasions: Before and After Xtreme Lashes application].


    I investigated a number of companies offering eyelash extensions when I decided to start offering this service to my patients last year. I was impressed with the in-depth training courses required for Xtreme Lashes certification and the passion and dedication of company founder, Jo Mousselli, who is a Registered Nurse. Unlike other companies, which simply train their lash stylists through videos or short, cursory courses, Xtreme Lashes certification requires hands-on, fully supervised, full-day workshops and ongoing instruction in how to maintain medical standards of care throughout the lash application process. Rania is one of a select group of lash stylists who are chosen by the company on the basis of their abilities to undergo several weeks of further boot-camp style workshops to achieve certification as advanced trainers.


    Unlike hair extensions, which have gained notoriety for looking fake and damaging your own hair, Xtreme Lashes extensions are consummately subtle and leave your own lashes pristine. They are applied individually and precisely to your own lashes using a safe adhesive whose primary ingredient is also used for stitch-less closure of skin wounds and surgical incisions. With advanced application techniques, the extension length, pattern, curvature, density and color can be varied to enhance the shape, definition, color and apparent size of your eyes. Lash extensions need to be touched up every two to four weeks as your own lashes go through their normal cycle of shedding and re-growth.


    Besides providing patients with low maintenance, naturally glamorous eyes all day - and all night - Xtreme Lashes have proven invaluable to my patients who have lost their lashes due to medical conditions such as chemotherapy for cancer. As one of these patients, a 43-year-old breast cancer survivor put it, looking like yourself again is an important part of the healing process.


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    For more information, visit www.xtremelashes.com

Published On: February 15, 2008