What’s With This Adult Acne???

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  • Acne is now the bane of our family.  And not for my teenage son whose outbreaks seem to have mostly resolved thanks to a diligent skincare regimen and the relief from stress (he's going to college).  No it's my gorgeous 24 year old daughter who s suddenly having "unacceptable pimple outbreaks!!"  It is totally messing with her self esteem to the point that she has said (and I quote), "I will give up my body - my artistic talent - my boyfriend (OK she didn't say that one) for acne resolution."  She wants it cleared up NOW - MAGICALLY - and she wants mom to come up with the answer PRONTO!!


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    So I am asking some of the best dermatologists I know for the answer.  One recommended Retin A or Renova, plus a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil as the new regimen. Another has recommended using birth control pills (studies show this can work).  Yet another said we should use Oracea (doxycycline), an antibiotic favored by many dermatologists.  My own dermatologist friend has said that Proactiv can work for  a vast number of patients if they persist in using the regimen for a full 2 months.  And I just read about the use of IPL (Intensed Pulse Light) to help treat the acne (destroys the bacteria and reduces inflammation) and to prevent further outbreaks.


    My daughter has actually tried all of the above except for IPL but I'm not convinced that she used each regimen to their fullest potential.  I also know that IPL should only be used on certain skin tones - the more olive or deeper the skin tone - the more risk for a negative outcome like "light skin patches that won't resolve."  So before we get assessed for IPL and pay out of pocket (this treatment is not covered by insurance since it is considered an aesthetic treatment) about $150/session for a total of 6 sessions plus every other month maintenance - we'll probably go back and try a couple of the other options first. No magic answer - but some solid therapy options that may work if we are dedicated and persistant.


    Do you suffer from adult acne?? What are you using to treat it??

Published On: July 01, 2008