Acne and Your Diet

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  • When I went through my medical training, I learned that diet has little to do with acne.  My professor and several other clinical doctors who were out mentors said that even though greasy foods, chocolate, processed sweets were suspected be contributors to acne -- no studies had proven it.


    Now, in the year 2008, it seems medicine is revisiting this discussion and some studies seem to suggest that a diet high in glucose load (highly processed carbohydrates) and low fiber/high saturated fat diests (Atkins for example)  may have an influence on the prevalence of acne.  There aren't a lot of answers yet, but apparently the skin care doctor community is rehashing this area of research.  In fact, the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston is looking at a possible link between milk and acne.  And it may not be the milk, per say, but bovine hormones in milk that is not certified as "organic" that is the culprit.

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    When it comes to the highly processed carbohydrate diet instigating acne, the link has been thorized because researchers looked at communities worldwide who eat no processed carbohydrates and the incidence of acne is quite low.  The problem is that when researchers tested the theory - since the subjects put on the new low processed carbohydrate diet also lost weight - the weight loss and fat loss could not be ruled out as a "healing feature" of the acne.  Similar decreases of acne were seen when a very high fiber (anti-Atkins diet) was introduced to another group, but again - could nutrient density in this high fiber diet be the "helping and healing" factor?


    I think we are in for a lot more discussion but it does make sense to look at your diet and at least talk to your dermatologist.

Published On: July 21, 2008