Fat Based Anti-Wrinkle Cream and Video Games for Burn Healing

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    First - A naturally-occurring fat molecule may have the potential to slow down skin aging.  Things like natural aging and UV light exposure and even diet cause skin over time to become coarse and wrinkled.  New collagen is less likely to form as you age, so there is no rejuvenation going on naturally AND levels of MMPs, which are naturally occurring enzymes, chew up whatever collagen is still present, as you age.  So if one could lower levels of MMPs and also prevent UV ray induced collagen destruction - well, we'd have one answer to aging skin, right??


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    Well scientist looked at 7 lipids and their impact on skin aging.  Three lipids showed promise but one in particular, PS (phosphatidylserine) seemed to work on both mechanisms of collagen damage  - the UV damage and MMP impact.  Believe it or not they applied 2% PS to the buttocks of young and old volunteers and then they exposed only the young (butts) to UV radiation, since the older volunteers were exhibiting the MMP phenomenon.  In both cases the skin slathered in the 2% PS showed collagen stimulation and repair when compared to similar volunteers who received no treatment.  More studies are looking at this promising anti-aging treatment.


    And, video games may have a positive side.  The new Nintendo Wii, that offers exercise and sports opportunities may help burn patients who are hospital or home-bound, utilize range-of-motion exercises safely as skin grafts for burns heal.  Typically, skin contractures can occur as burn patients treated with grafts heal, so this is a great way to let them enjoy video-gaming and do self-therapy.

Published On: July 22, 2008