New Trend Report: Botox and the Bride

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    Used to be after the proposal and the bride saying "of course," that the endless decisions and arrangements would begin, commencing in that very special day when a union between two loving people would be celebrated by family and friends.  Of course, one of the important decisions for the bride - is selection of the bridesmaids and the maid-of-honor.  Once selected, this bevy of young women typically receive a token gift or special gesture from the bride.  Well hang onto your hats ladies, because what's now in vogue is a whole ‘nother level of gracious gratitude.


    It's quite in vogue these days to offer your bridesmaids a bit of a cosmetic touch up as a gift - and we're not just talking makeup makeover!!  Brides, especially more mature brides in their 30s, are gathering the bridal party togehter for a little Botox, some Restylane filler, some chemical peels and sometimes a whole treatment plan.  Cosmetic interventions, according to a recent New York Times newspaper article, is the new bridal trend, and it is growing in popularity and creativity.  If you have enough time before the wedding and you move fast AND everybody places their "wish list" quickly, you can pretty much gift a whole planned regimen of rejuvenation to each member of the bridal party.  Depending on your goodwill and budget that is.

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    Another approach is to simply designate a night of beauty and rejuvenation at a local MedSpa and arrange for a doctor or aesthetician to evaluate and perform some simple quick treatments - Botox around the eyes, lips, forehead; filler to plump up lips or lines around the nose; light chemical peels to brighten skin, and of course a mimosa or two to make the whole experience decadent and pleasurable.  Of course some brides will actually offer significantly more involved procedures - like breast augmentation - to their gal pals and the response isn't always a yes.  And in the case of rejuvenation, it is more likely to be offered by a bride who is going to have some "touching up done herself."


    Many dermatologists and plastic surgeons, in addition to spa owners are seeing this trend increasing and they will often recommend a "trial run" as early as possible, so that any unpleasant outcomes can be minimized well before the big day.   And of course, a bride on a budget may go so far as to cut corners on other expenditures - maybe a lighter menu, some less expensive flowers, in order to pull off the all important "rejuvenation bridal party." 


    What do you think - is this trend just too far out? Too expensive? Emphasizing the wrong message?? Tell us what you think!!

Published On: July 28, 2008