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    Guys these days are not ashamed to say that they don't want acne and they do want healthy skin.  Skincare lines are addressing this need but it can be a bit daunting to navigate products that are relatively new to your daily regimen.  It's not like you've been playing with creams, lotions, potions and makeup from childhood like girls. 

    So here's a quick rundown on do's and don'ts and basic items you might want:


    • Don't use your shower soap on your face.  It can strip natural oils.  Look for a facial cleaner and match it to your skin type (dry, oily, mixed)
    • Definitely exfoliate a couple of times a week, removing dead skin cells and encouraging skin turn over.  Products advertise "exfoliating action" and typically they have alpha hydroxy acid in them-
    • Use a toner to remove any residues and dirt that can clog pores.  Again, match to your skin type.
    • Use a moisturizer (again following your skin tone type) and consider finding one with vitamins like C & E to fight free radicals.
    • Use sun block year round (some also provide moisturizing ingredients).
    • Most of all - have fun with trying products and involve that woman in your life.  she'll love this!!


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    Since there are plenty of product lines to choose from, you can find an effective line that fits your needs and your budget.



Published On: July 31, 2008