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    If you even remotely follow the skin care market, you will know that La Mer is one of the skin care lines with the most over-the-top pricing.  Celebs and beauties worldwide swear by it.  Well, the Asian and Indian traditions are poised to explode in the US and their price tags are equally astounding.  I don't mom swore by Vaseline and she had the most amazing skin, well into her 60s.  But today companies are in a "race to perfection," trying to come up with the most effective and marketable active ingredients, that actually do accomplish, what they promise.  So what's coming down the pipeline?

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    Look for natural ingredients like saffron (yes that ingredient used in rice dishes) which fights bacteria and brightens skin, green tea for anti-aging, preventing acne and reducing sun damage, yuzu which strengthens-softens-brightens the skin (contains vitamin C), gold nugget which reduces inflammation and Korean ginseng which combats skin fatigue and aging and encourages skin renewal.


    Product names that will be hitting the high end skin care market include Sensai Body Cream with kuwa (Chinese mulberry), Koishimaru, silk and seaweed; Vinita Rejuvinating Elixir with crushed diamonds, AmorePacific with green tea, a new L'Oreal line called Erborian, with Korean ginseng and yuzu and Joshi's Holistic Skincare, an Ayurvedic based line from a holistic based practitioner in London.


    Finally, with packaging that rivals an Apple ipod, comes Euoko, a line that targets different skin care needs that includes plankton from the Mediterranean and Kalahari watermelon from Africa (as well as over 100 other ingredients).  It's launching at Bergdorf Goodman, New York. 




Published On: September 17, 2008