Quick, Inexpensive Beauty Procedures

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  • The sagging economy may not impede women's desire to fix a sagging face. Credit card companies are realizing that financing their customer's desire to do "some less invasive anti-aging and beautifying" may be the path to getting some work done without committing to more invasive and expensive procedures.


    People seem to be willing to commit to lunchtime "quick fix" lasers, peels and other more superficial offerrings at a cost of $300-500 per visit or procedure.  Botox injections, fillers and laser re-surfacing are at the top of the list and since people are tight financially, financing is providing a way to afford singular or multiple procedures - that will still cost alot less than a full surgical facelift. 

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    The average loan amount for these procedures seems to be $7500 with interest rates running between 9.9 to 23.5% over a period of 48 to 60 months.  That amount of money can pay for some combined treatments that allow a person to refresh while biding their time or saving for the more expensive invasive options.  People justify these treatments because they feel that it will enhance their position in the job market.  Many moms also feel it's the time to do something special for themselves after being devoted to family and raising the kids for so many years.


    Other popular treatments include liposuction, spider vein removal and Thermage and Fraxel of the face and chest.  The bottom line seems to be that even in a fiscal crisis: "women will give up anything except their appearance."

Published On: October 04, 2008