Beyond Botox

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  • Botox has been called the "miraculous wrinkle cure" and its maker Allergen considers it a gold mine.  Well, coming down the pipeline are a host of competitors and some may offer injection free opportunities.  Coming soon is Pur Tox from Mentor corporation, Xeomin from Merz Pharmaceuticals (already in use in Europe) and Reloxin (Dysport) which is already in use in 21 countries since 1991 and is the front-runner in FDA testing.  The buzz with Dysport is that its onset is quicker (3 days) and it lasts longer than Botox.  It may also require less amount injected and impact a greater area when used correctly. 

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    There's a new gel marching down the pipeline as well.  Revance is currently in development/testing phase and if it pans out, will achieve penetration through skin to reach and target muscle and freeze it like Botox - but without the annoying injections.  It may require more finesse in terms of application, but it may be a gift for the needle phobic or as a treatment for earlier and more superficial wrinkles.  It may also be a way for someone to slowly enter the world of anti-aging treatments and then move on to injectables.


    The GFX (glabellar frown relaxation) machine uses radio-frequency waves to give Botox-like effects without Botox.  A probe is inserted under the skin (while patient is sedated or under valium relaxation) and the nerve to be treated is isolated and then subjected to a 30 second heat- energy dose which "knocks it out."  It will basically impact the nerve fibers and not the actual nerve, but the nerve will not recover for about 12-18 months - so if the patient is not happy - they may be stuck.  Some doctors who are testing the machine have found a way to offer less intense therapy (involving minimal nerve fibers) that may only last for 6 months. 


    Many doctors still feel that Botox is the gold standard and they may not give up this wrinkle fighter or embrace other options quite so fast.

Published On: October 06, 2008