Cellphone Rash and Other Skin Annoyances

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  • Apparently frequent cellphone users are noticing facial rashes and breakouts especially in the skin area that the cell phone touches.  Dermatologists are predicting that an allergy to nickel may be the culprit and indeed, that makes sense.  I'd like to also postulate that cell phones are rarely cleaned. let alone with alcohol, so they probably harbor germs, facial oil and plain old dirt - making them possible sources of skin breakouts from those contaminants as well.


    I make it a habit of cleaning my cell phone, regular home phones and TV remote controls as well as my mouse and keyboard with alcohol once daily.  I am convinced this cuts down on possible facial skin outbreaks and catching the common cold or other viruses that these surfaces can harbor.  Of course, maybe the nickel allergy or these contaminants mean that you should cut down on your cell phone use in general - or at least use blue tooth or the microphone option, so the phone is not an ongoing appendage on your face and ear.

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Published On: October 20, 2008