On the Radio: Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

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  • Yesterday we focused on anti-aging skin care tips on my new radio show, HealthBeat.  You can listen to an archive of it at http://www.modavox.com/VoiceAmericaHealth/ "Great Genes" (November 4)- but here's a rundown of some of the things we mentioned and some we didn't get to, when it comes to "aging skin:"


    1- The leading cause of wrinkles is.....the sun.  Need I say more?? Use a sunblock regularly and you will prevent the wrinkles and discolorations associated with sun exposure

    2- Another top contributor to wrinkles is....smoking.  Need I say more?  From the actual puckering shape that your lips make as you smoke, to the internal rinkle accelerating impact - wrinkles of smokers are deeper, more numerous and the skin even gets an unhealthy color and texture over time, due to the smoke.

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    3- Sleep position - I have a friend who only sleeps on her back and only uses satin pillow cases.  Experts say that no matter how soft your pillow, it does over time, etch small lines into your chin, cheeks, forehead and eye areas.  Dermatologists can actually tell, what side of the pillow you favor when you sleep.

    4- Squinting in the sun repetitively and frowning can cause premature and local wrinkles.  What to do? Wear sunglasses, don't squint and if you do have an ongoing "furrowed brow" - Botox might be a consideration.

    5- When you are a "weight fluctuator" or yo-yo dieter - that constant stretching and shrinking of skin - even facial skin- to accomodate the fat that comes and goes - can be a wrinkle inducer.

    6- Inflammatory foods - highly processed foods, excess sugars, trans fats can all cause "inflammation" and part of that may relate to skin condition and promoting skin wrinkles.  What to do? Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, omega 3- rich fatty fish, whole grains, fat free dairy products, lean proteins and healthy fats like olive oil.


    One big tip - Trap the moisture of water in your skin by not thoroughly drying your face or body and applying moisturizer to damp skin.  This especially helps in the dry months of winter.

Published On: November 06, 2008