Now's the Time to Get Cosmetic Deals

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  • With Americans hunkering down to deal with the financial crisis on hand, who doesn't want to make a deal??  Well if beauty or anti-aging treatments are still on your to do list, but they've been relegated to a somewhat less prioritized status, you may be in for a nice surprise.  Since cosmetic therapies and procedures are not covered by insurance (typically) they are part of the dropped services being hit by the difficult financial times.  So doctors are turning to marketing tools to offer more affordable options.  In fact, recently, scores of doctors attended a symposium that offered - Survival Strategies for Tough Economic Times.  Even distributors of injectables and fillers are offering coupons for savings that you can take to the doctor.  And you can make out like a bandit, if you're smart. 

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    First, always make sure you are dealing with a board certified, reputable dermatologist or plastic surgeon and make sure they have no pending malpractice lawsuits.


    Second, see if the doctor is offering a special day discount - some dermatologists are offering Botox Friday, a day when the injections are either discounted a certain percentage or are discounted if you bring a friend or family member.


    See if the plastic surgeon is willing to reduce his fee or offer you some freebies like several filler or botox injections post surgery for free, as needed.  Or maybe he works in a spa center where you can get some free treatments after surgery.  Be willing to take initiative and ask.


    Be willing to travel to a reputable doctor who is offering some pricing discounts if it's a neighboring city or town since the discount may make up for the gas and inconvenience of extra time invested.


    And there are some very viable options outside the country if you do your careful homework.  Check out surgery abroad by using a reputable medical tourism intermediary.  Make sure you check out the doctor, hospital, recovery center, anesthesiologist and expecially make sure you understand malpractice in that country.


    Be cautious, though.  Any procedures, from laser to actual surgery, can be fraught with negative outcomes or unpleasant side effects - so don't sacrifice good sense and reputable servicing, for a discount.  At the same time, there are bargains out there so "go for it."



Published On: November 10, 2008