Are Spider Veins - Cellulite - Your Nemesis - Myths, Facts and More

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    Spider veins, varicosities, sellulite and pedicure stuff


    Here's what you should know:

    Spider/varicose veins:

    Spider veins are superficial blood vessels that increase in time (sometimes becoming varicosities) and that spread.  They are typically found on the leg area.  They're more common in women, and typically occur in people who stand alot- nurses, beauticians, cashiers.  The standing causes increased pressure on these veins and results in vein expansion.  Theough people "tan" to make them less obvious, UV light can actually cause them.

    More facts:

    • Crossing your legs does not increase risk.
    • Gaining weight does not cause spider veins.
    • Heredity is a big factor in developing spider veins.
    • No supplements - even horse chestnut - can eradicate them.
    • Sclerotherapy still beats laser when it comes to removing them.
    • In order to successfully treat a varicose vein, you must get to the  hidden vein trunk beneath the skin's surface causing the bulging vein.
    • Radiofrequency and laser treatments can help to treat varicosities.


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    It's hormonally connected so it's mostly found in women.  It's typically found in the thigh area, where fat ruptures through fibrous tissue and as the tissue attempts to "pull back" dimpling is caused.  Though liposuction can reduce "fat," it can actually make cellulite worse - not better

    Some treatments being looked at:

    • LED light to break up the bands coupled with rollers and suctioning that "work the treate cellulite area."  You may need to do multiple treatments and then regular follow ups to maintain it.
    • Lasers that are inserted under the skin and that melt and treat the cellulite area directly.
    • Mono-polar radiofrequency is a new technique coming down the pipeline - it's already used in anti-aging therapies.

    Safe Pedicures:

    • Every instrument needs to be sterilized and cleaned with alcohol and/or you can have your own set that is cleaned and maintained
    • Do not cut cuticles or damage that border of the nail bed
    • Use liners inside the foot baths
    • Bring your own nail polish

    At the skincare connection we say - Know Your Skin Facts!!

Published On: November 15, 2008