A Drug and a Light to Treat Skin Cancer

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  • Swedish studies indicate that a drug that is activated by light exposure may be the answer for tens of thousands of skin cancer patients.  The new drug, that Orebo University researchers have developed is based on the use of "photo-dynamic therapy," a somewhat established light therapy being used for a variety of skin conditions.


    This new therapy entails the drug being taken into the cell, and then after what is called reorganization in the cell, light activation leads to chemical reactions that kill cancer cells.  The research has had no trouble obtaining large sums of money to help further studies and possible commercialization of the therapy.  Experts feel that the therapy could be a quick, simple and cost-effective threatment in Sweden, where 30,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed yearly.  It could also be used to treat pre-stage cancers -  actinic keratosis.

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    I'm sure we'll see more applications of this model of therapy in the future.

Published On: November 20, 2008