Are You Buying Cosmaceuticals as if They Are Hope in a Jar??

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  • Show the average aging woman a commercial that has a woman with beautiful skin, using an expensive cream, and they will more often than not, entertain the notion that it can make them look just like that woman.  They will then, like me, go out and buy it.  And so begins the drawer full of hope in many jars!!  It is important - especially in these tight financial times - to separate truth from fiction.  In most cases, there are some active ingredients that may offer some benefits - but with very limited results.  Especially if the products on not prescription grade.


    The biggest sellers are creams that have antioxidants, followed by creams that have peptides, growth factor, retinols (vitamin A), fruit acids, hyalaronic acid, and even collagen.  Combination products or regimens, containing several of these ingredients are extremely popular.  The most important thing to consider is -

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    • (a) Is there enough active ingredient to have an impact?
    • (b) Is the ingredient based in studies and facts?
    • (c) When you combine the ingredients, can they all still work?
    • (d) Is it the right product for your complaints?
    • (e) Is the company offering the product making outrageous claims?
    • (f) Are your hopes realistic?


    Don't assume organic or natural is always better.  Some products are synthesized and therefore they can't be considered organic or natural.  Also realize that the nano-technology that involves delivering the product to skin layers that are deeper is still very young.  Also understand that quite often what is seen in test tubes or animal testing is NOT replicated in humans.  So though products can claim great studies - those studies are not as impressive when performed on human test subjects.  And the gold standard for testing is a "double-blind study," which is almost never performed in the cosmeceutical industry, because it is not helf to FDA rigorous standards. 


    The best place to get real and authoritative information?  A board certified dermatologist's office.


Published On: November 30, 2008