Skincare Anti-aging News You Can Use

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  • On a never-ending quest for active ingredients that may help tp delay or diminish the outer signs of aging, Origins offers Youthtopia Age-Correcting Serum with Rhodiola,  This herb which is the newest active ingredient to be harnessed by a skincare company is supposed to make skin more resilient when facing environmental stressors.


    Estee Lauder uses rice extract in Time Zone Line and Wrinkle  Reducing Creme.  The rice extract is supposed to jump-start collagen and elastin production.  Neutrogena adds an enzyme to their Ageless Restorative Energy Renewal Hydrating Night Cream which is supposed to help dissolve dead surface skin cells, helping to boost radiance without stinging like other hydroxy acids sometimes do.

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    It is important to realize that these creams are limited by the amount of active ingredient that can be used in the formulary and by the reality that though research may show certain findings in the lab, replicating them with a delivery system that allows for skin penetration is not always achieved in the marketed product.  Still, these creams can be a small step in helping to preserve your skin.  The number one anti-aging skincare habit is still...protecting your skin from the sun's aging UV rays with sunblock.


    One last skincare tip - if you have over-plucked eyebrows and have been unable to stimulate re-growth of the hair, your options include a prescription steroid cream from your doctor which can stimulate growth of new hairs in 3-4 weeks, or using a Q-tip and applying some Rogaine serum very specifically to the hairline.

Published On: January 04, 2009