Do you want longer, thicker, darker eyelashes?

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  • It's considered one of the singular most flirtatious signals a woman can give a man.  Batting ones eyelashes is oh, so sexy.  If those lashes are dark, long and luxurious, well a man can easily succumb to the invitation.  Unfortunately due to genetics, aging and even harsh makeup habits, lashes can become damaged, brittle, and sparse.  There have been no safe and effective treatments to enhance eyelash growth...till now.


    Latisse is a recently approved solution that can help hypotrichosis, a medical term used to describe "having inadequate or not enough eyelashes."  Latisse makes eyelash growth possible, thanks to its active ingredient, bimatoprost.  Bimatoprost seems to enhance growth of lashes during the anagen or growth phase of lashes, and it also may extend the growth phase period.  You apply the solution once-a-day, very close to the lash line.  It has to be used daily and typically results appear 4 weeks after starting the treatment.  Lashes become longer, thicker and darker.  You may not be a good candidate for the treatment if you have an active eye condition, have any skin conditions on your eyelids or if you are undergoing any treatments for eye pressure problems. The most common side effects of Latisse are local itching and/or eye redness.  The skin close to the lash line can become discolored, the irises of your eyes can darken, and less commonly, the eyelid can redden or eyes can develop chronic dryness.

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    The active ingredient in Latisse, bimatoprost, is actually found in topical ophthalmic solutions that treat glaucoma or high intraocular eye pressure, a dangerous eye condition that can result in permanently impaired vision or blindness.  When patients used this treatment, they reported to their doctors that their eyelashes were becoming long and sparse lashes were magically "thickening."  Doctors confirmed these findings and drug makers became intrigued with the possibility of an off label treatment opportunity.  Very often a positive side effect from a drug intended for one use is noted and found to be a viable and marketable second opportunity.   Latisse by Allergen costs roughly $120 for a 2.5 ml bottle.  You do need to keep using Latisse in order to maintain the new lash growth. 


    Of course if the price of luxury lashes sounds a bit steep, you can always try lash tinting, use fake lashes, use kohl pencils or eyeliners to accentuate the eye area or just find the best mascara on the market.  My favorite is a drugstore brand that runs under $10.



Published On: February 24, 2009