Trigger Happy Psoriasis

  • I’ve talked to some who know exactly what their psoriasis triggers are, meanwhile the rest of us are trying to figure it out. For some it’s sickness, for others it could be food, environment, medicines, stress, and even ingredients in make-up or lotions. The mystery is endless on how psoriasis effects those who have it.


    I remember like it was yesterday, I was a chocolate, slim, ashy on the knees and elbows little 7 year old, and never thought much about the dry skin. But after I caught a common virus that all kids encountered back then, the dry patches in a few areas then spread to all areas.  Chicken Pox was my psoriasis trigger. For me, I have had one and only one flare, which was back when I was 7. I say this because my psoriasis has never gone away in order for me to know what may and may not trigger it.  

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    A few months ago I was walking with a friend in the mall and stumbled across a health fair which was providing food allergy test for those insured. In the past many of my psoriasis friends suggested taking an allergy test to see if the stubborn consistency of my psoriasis (which has never really cleared with medicine) was the cause of an allergic reaction to food. Through this test one of those friends found out her body reacted to nightshade vegetables which included potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and certain berries. She advised that after she stopped eating this things, the psoriasis on her face cleared significantly.   


    During the mall health fair, there were a series of 2 test, a skin test and blood test. For the skin test there were a 10 different categories, some included weeds, plants, food, and animals. The allergist specialist takes a tool with a substance from the possible allergen that slightly pricks and scratches the skin. After you were pricked, you had to wait about 10 minutes’ to see if there was a skin reaction which would produce hives in the areas scratched. The bigger and swollen the hive, the higher the allergic reaction. I found out on the spot that I was allergic to bananas, dogs, and most weeds. As for the blood test, I had to wait a few weeks for the results.


    After about a month I received an email stating that I have a SERVERE food sensitivity to gluten, wheat, and cranberries (all of which I love). I had a high reaction to pomegranate rye, and a low reaction to a few items that I really don’t have to be concerned about. This may also explain the IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) I believe I experience from time to time. I could live without the cranberries and pomegranate, but the thought of having to give up gluten and wheat was not settling (no pun intended)!


    I am considering eliminating the items I’m allergic to from my diet but I would be sacrificing a part of life that gives me great joy which is bread. I love bread, and I love most things that include gluten. Giving up these things would really require a diet of only fruit, veggies, and meat, which isn’t a bad thing, but surely a sacrifice.


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    So I want to hear from you, what are your psoriasis triggers? 

Published On: November 05, 2014