My Psoriasis-Drive Goals and Resolutions for 2015

  • It's a new year, which means new goals, new beginnings and new chances! My psoriasis journey has been interesting and evolving experience! I've gone from complete shame of the disease to publicly exposing my deepest and darkest inner fears. I've gone 3 years strong in telling my story, and honestly sometimes it's a challenge to keep it fresh and new! But for 2015 I plan to make this the best year of my advocacy! Hopefully my goals will help encourage you with your outreach! 


    Write More Articles I will admit it, I have slacked in the department of writing. When I first started my advocacy I had fresh and new topics to talk about. Now at times I feel like I have talked about everything I possibly can, but this is very far from the truth. Everyday there are new concerns and aspects with having psoriasis that need to be revealed. Most recently the new life of clear skin has ignited fears which I have never experienced before (Which I will discuss in another article). There are also other ways you can tell your story without writing, which I will highlight further into the article.

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    Do Productive Reviews This is something that has a never ending story, and honestly never becomes old. There are hundreds of new products to use for psoriasis, some over-the-counter and others prescribed by a doctor. I’ve been using a few new products myself, and I plan on doing short video reviews on the products. According to the different patient communities I frequent psoriasis patients love the exchange of product reviews from one another.


    Make More Videos As mentioned above I want to start making more videos, but not just of product reviews. I feel people connect more when there is a face they can see, and an emotion they can truly feel. We are very visual people, and in my opinion we connect more on a personal level when we can see others telling a story compared to just reading it.  You can see the person’s facial expressions and body movements, opposed to just having to guess when reading!


    Create Fashion Vlogs I need to incorporate more fashion on my page! Over the years I learned an array of methods to cover my psoriasis, to help keep my in a comfortable state, but fashionable. Friends and family alike would encourage me to flaunt my skin regardless, but as a person with psoriasis most of us know that is easier said than done! There are a lot of men and women with psoriasis who focus more so on covering up than being fashionable! I want to help people, especially women, with psoriasis dress fashionable but living comfortable. There is no worse feeling than being cute, with your skin exposed, but in the back of your mind you think everyone is staring.


    Use Social Media More Our society is inundated with social media which can sometimes become over-whelming. At one point I was managing social media pages through work, person pages, and advocacy pages on over 3 different social media networks. I had to learn different ways to manage by finding tools such as Hootsuite/Tweet Deck that allowed me to preschedule post so I wouldn't always have to post in real time! This was a life saver! I need to utilize these tools more to interact with the psoriasis community!


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    What are you goals for advocacy? Share them in the comments. 


Published On: January 06, 2015