• goingcrazy goingcrazy
    September 10, 2009
    why, no matter how many times i wash, why does my skin always look dirty???
    goingcrazy goingcrazy
    September 10, 2009

    they are pimples, bumps, and what look like freckles but are not. where these bumps, ect are, the skin looks dirty, black, and in some areas, light green. if you try to pop one, black stuff and clear liqiuds come out and its never ending,  and it doesnt go away, thats when it turns into what looks like a freckle. there is also a black spot inside the nose area and a bump on the outside right above it. there are also bumps inside the nose that if you try to pop, they just get bigger. at first i thought it might be skin cancer but lately i have noticed it on my children and grandchildren and on others.  is this a sign of black mold, staff, foliculitus? doc keeps telling me its a heat rash, PLEASE, i live in seattle!



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