• pythagorous_2002 pythagorous_2002
    August 20, 2011
    I have little bumps that are itchy on my feet/hands. Bottom of my feet are itchy, but my hands are not. Sensation is almost like pins and needles when I flex them but not quite. Tender to the touch.
    pythagorous_2002 pythagorous_2002
    August 20, 2011

    I know this is a long read but I'm begging anyone to give some advice or input. I can't sleep, I'm afraid of what I might have, and afraid to infect anyone.


    They don't look like mosquito bites as they are not raised, but maybe bites of a gnat or spider or ant or so. I would think they are bites but they are only on feet and hands and it seems to be somewhat symmetrical patterns between left/right foot/hand: along points of contact (inner heel of foot, inner ball of foot, bottom of toes on the tip, palm side of hand along inner parts of fingers, protruding parts of palm, with tender fingertips). Also this is the third day I was sick. Day 0 my friend was coughing all over my food (had cold-like symptoms and works with 2-3 year olds at daycare). Day 1 I experienced a very slightly itchy throat but felt great, played sports at night time, and when I stopped playing immediately felt chills, feverish, short of breath with slight headache, thought possibly due to dehydration. Felt worse into the night with body aches and woke-up Day 2 with same flu-like symptoms. Spent most of day 2 miserable on the floor sprawled out (could have gotten bitten by anything?); i'm being literal here - fever and aching on the floor. Day 3 my throat is pretty sore as it began to feel the previous night. Flu-like symptoms almost all gone (weakness, body aches, fever, headache). Never any phlegm or coughing or runny nose this whole time. It is night-time into the morning of day 4 and I'm just noticing these red bite-like marks. I noticed the itchiness on feet and tenderness of fingers about 5-8 hours ago but didn't see any red bumps.


    I am 25 years old, in very good health, am very active, and only get sick about every 2 years. Did some quick reading... I'm wondering if this could be Herpetic Whitlow? Have not had any physical contact with anybody for maybe 3 weeks until maybe 1 hour ago (kissing or anything like that). Oh man... but any input appreciated... will definitely look to see a doctor asap...


    edit: another possibility, which makes more sense, and which i'm hoping it is, is hand, foot, mouth disease.


    edit 2: forgot to mention, but in my mouth, on my lower gum, it feels like there is a cut or something there but nothing I visibly see. This came about this morning (of day 3) I believe? I looked at back of my throat and I seem to have a few sores back there. This seems more and more like hand foot mouth disease, and makes sense with how i contracted it from my friend that works at daycare.


    edit 3: went to my doctor and he said it's not hand, foot, mouth disease because of 3 reasons:

    1. the red bumps are not blisters. they would be blistered.

    2. there is no pandemic in the northeast. hand foot mouth usually occurs in like southeast asia or something.

    3. i'm not a child


    he honestly does not know but says wait to see if it goes away in a few days and even if it is hand foot mouth it will go away in a few days. he took a culture because he said my throat looks bad and looks like maybe strep. It feels fine unless I use it (yawn, swallow... that's about it), but otherwise not itchy so that i need to clear my throat or anything.


    edit 4: on day 4 it seems the marks are a little more apparent, and on my feet seem to be swelling a little more and unbareable. I believe marks starting to form along upper and lower lips? I have pretty bad acne so kind of common but these seem less like pimple and more like lesions or blisters? they are not swollen. I'm afraid this might be herpes or something? I don't know... is that transmittable through someone coughing on my food...? unless i contracted weeks to months ago?



  • Merely Me
    Health Guide
    September 03, 2011
    Merely Me
    Health Guide
    September 03, 2011

    Hi there


    Sounds like you are very worried about these symptoms.  How are you feeling now?  So what did your doctor say to do about these symptoms?  Just wait and see? 


    I am afraid that it would be impossible for anyone here to diagnose your symptoms.  We are not medical professionals and this sort of thing needs to be seen in person by a doctor. 


    You could get a second opinion and see another doctor or dermatologist. 


    I am sorry I am not much help here but I am sorry you are going through this...especially all the anxiety.


    Feel better soon.  Thank you for your question.


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