• Jenny Jenny
    November 24, 2009
    Pimple like rash on upper back, arms, chest, neck and face that lasts 2 weeks at a time
    Jenny Jenny
    November 24, 2009

    I'm 20 years old and from FL, about a year ago I started getting a rash once every couple of months and it usually lasts about 2 weeks each time. It's on my upper back, upper arms, chest, neck and face. It starts out looking like a couple tiny pimples but after a few days its spreads to the other areas...a bunch of tiny little pimples which appear very quickly. They don't itch and they don't hurt and when they are popped puss comes out (very much like a pimple, just a lot smaller). When the 2 or so weeks is up, the rash will disappear just as quickly as it came. Last year I moved to upstate NY and thought it might have been caused by the cold weather but it doesn't seem like that could be it, I've also tried to use acne medications that don't seem to make a difference...I've had mild acne as a teenager and this is totally not the same thing. Also, if I pop them they seem to spread so maybe it could be bacterial? Someone please help me!! I don't have health insurance or else I would just go to a dermatologist!



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