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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 MickyNgo, Community Member, asks

Q: Am I allergic to my mattress? Small to large red, itchy blotches when I wake up)

Before school started, I brought a new mattress at IKEA. However, for the next few nights, horrible (large) red bumps appeared on my arms and legs. I was afraid that it was bed bugs, so i returned the mattress and the sale manager told me that there was "no way" it could be bed bugs. So i brought another mattress. Along with this mattress, I brought new sheets as well. My first few days, I was good with no reactions. However, after about a few days, the bumps started to appear again (even on the side of my face and fingers). However, there are less bumps than the first mattress. I sleep with two other roommates who have no problems with this. Could I be allergic to my mattress?


According to IKEA, its not bed bugs. And i've bene using a new mattress and sheets and completely washed down everything as well.

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Merely Me, Health Guide
1/13/10 4:52pm

Hi there


That is really strange!  I would wonder the same exact thing.  I found some pictures of bed bug bites on the web for you to look at and compare.  Does anyone in your home own pets?  Could it be fleas?  I am truly just guessing here.  Maybe there is something in how the mattress is made that you are allergic to?


So do the bumps appear the next day?  When do they show up?  Can you sleep on the sofa or another bed for a night to see what happens? 


I would go see your doctor who may have a better idea of what may be causing these blotches. 


Let us know what happens!



MickyNgo, Community Member
1/13/10 5:11pm

I live in an apartment with no pets. Also, I share the room with two other girls (one in which I share a bunk bed with). I assumed that if it was bed bugs, if would had spread to them by now (but it hasn't).


Looking at pictures, some pictures matches up, others doesn't. Now, I don't get numerous bites. For example, right now I have one on my ring finger, one on the pink finger and one by my left armpit. The two one my fingers are rather small, but the one on the arm is rather large (esp. since I haven't scratched it at all, and it's not even itchy). Some nights I would go to bed with no bumps, and they appear when I wake up. I have slept outside on the sofa, and nothing had happened. I'm all out of ideas. :(

Merely Me, Health Guide
1/13/10 9:24pm

So you are saying you don't get these blotches when you are not sleeping on the mattress?  That would seem to indicate perhaps it is the mattress? 


I would strongly recommend you see the doctor to figure this out.  I have no idea what could be causing this for you.

tiffany murray, Community Member
4/ 7/11 10:00pm

yes it can be bed bugs alot of times bed bugs are transferred from the facortys to the ware houses they are kept in until they are bought they have been found in cloths new cloths on the rack at macys and other places like that. It dosnt meen u are dirty.Tongue out

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