• kakssf kakssf
    January 09, 2012
    slightly raised bumps
    kakssf kakssf
    January 09, 2012

    Some look like blisters and some are just tiny and red. They are all over and red and spreading. They look like they are getting infected. They are not on the penis or the balls they are on the stomach and pubic hair area..And in between the legs in my hair..About seven months ago my boyfriend started getting these bumps on his stomach. They are slightly raised and red. They have spread down lower in the private area and pubic patch. Neither one of us have a disease and have been tested. I do not have these bumps and they just seem to get worse and spread more. He dont pick at them and dont pop them. weve tried creams for rashes but they dont seem to help. What can this be??



  • Merely Me
    Health Guide
    February 11, 2012
    Merely Me
    Health Guide
    February 11, 2012

    Hi there


    So you both have these bumps which are spreading or just your boyfriend?


    Is there any chance that you have bedbugs?  Any chance this might be scabies?


    It would be impossible for us to know what these symptoms mean without being seen by a doctor.  My best advice is for you and your boyfriend to be seen by a doctor.


    Thank you for your question.


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