• BigCountry BigCountry
    August 02, 2009
    What are these little red bumps?
    BigCountry BigCountry
    August 02, 2009

    I was outside weed-eating a lot of thick tall grass, weeds and brush over a period of about 2-3 days. I always wore long pants wile doing this to keep stuff from hitting my legs. After about the third day I started noticing these little red bumps that itched like crazy, on occasion, and looked like very little blisters with clear fluid then they bled.  The area doesn't turn into a rash when i scrach.   They were concentrated around my ankles more so on the left than the right. And slowly sporadically moving up my legs but have yet to go passed about three inches below the knee.  There's been one or two of the same bumps around my knees but they itch for a little wile then disappear, not like the concentrations around my ankles.  For the last 4 days since all this started I've been treating my legs as if I had gotten into some type of poison ivy, oak, sumac etc. and have been using the cleaner IVY-DRY and also the CALADRYL CLEAR lotion. Makes it feel better and doesn't itch as much (wile its on), but the bumps are still their and they still itch.  I didn't think they were chigger bits because of how small they were, but could be wrong. It looks like i stepped on a fire-ant bed or something but haven't. Please reply with any info as to what these might be, bug bites or some type of rash? We do have dogs that come inside at night and sleep in kennels and stay outside during the day, not allowed on any furniture, have already washed all my sheets and blankets. Am I treating something wrong with wrong medicine here or what?  Please help, any info will be greatly appreciated, its driving me crazy. Thanks



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