• Healing Bird Healing Bird
    March 08, 2010
    Scabies in eye??
    Healing Bird Healing Bird
    March 08, 2010

    Can scabies survive in the eye? I feel movement and know something is there but i heard they can't survive. What can i do to flush it out? This has happened before in the other eye and I used anit allergin eye drops in my eye and it seemed to go away but the drops are all gone and my dad doesn't have anymore because he got them years ago...what else can I use and should I be worried abou it surving in there?? Please help. my infection is almost gone...and now this.



  • Merely Me
    Health Guide
    March 09, 2010
    Merely Me
    Health Guide
    March 09, 2010

    Hi there


    In researching your question, no scabies are not going to be in your eyes.  Here is a web site devoted to scabies facts and they say:  "Normal scabies infestations are not known to go to the head. They are usually located from the neck down."


    So whatever it is you are feeling in your eyes is probably not scabies.  I would also strongly recommend not using eye drops which are years old. 


    Please do see your doctor if you have any more concerns or worries. 


    Thank you for your question.

    • t.caso
      January 28, 2015
      January 28, 2015
      I had scabies first hand and was steered wrong by lots of medical professionals. They all told me I had everything but scabies. I suffered with it for a year and a half and was being treated like I was crazy from all the doctors. then I went to a doctor that deals with parasite infection got tested and had scabies like I thought all along. YES, SCABIES do go in your eyes on your head, eyebrows, eye lashes, in your ears. You will feel like bugs are crawling all over your body. Yes you will know when they are gone believe me! All these facts that you can feel the effects after treatment ARE WRONG. When they are gone you won't feel anything anymore. I had them for a year and a half. After I went to the specialist for them it took extensive different treatments for over 6 months to eradicate them, so I wouldn't believe all these medical facts on them....... READ MORE
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  • missnancy123 September 16, 2015
    September 16, 2015
    Hello, I'm Not really sure if they can get in your eyes but as microscopic as they are and I would think if they could survive under the skin I. A burrow they would probably survive anywhere else in the body..it only makes sense....even though nothing about these things makes sense. With that being said, with asking other people's opinions on places like this you might not get accurate information... When someone tells you For example I would think that they only get in my on you.from the neck down the phrase I WOULD THINK means this person has not had scabies before and probably do not know much about it. I actually have scabies right now and yes they do get into your scalp..... They don't necessarily care about your hair but your scalp and skin to and they have burrowed in my scalp.. So I just wanted to make that point clear. They will get into your nose and lay eggs in your nose in your ears anywhere that they can. They have burrowed in side my nose I have found eggs in my nose and in my ears when I blow my nose I get eggs. So almost anything is not impossible with scabies.. Also even doctors don't really know that much about it unless they've had them themselves even dermatologist... I went to five different doctors with my symptoms and not one of them diagnosed me with anything they all said it was in my head.. It has taken an act of Congress just to get the medication to get rid of these things and by the way I've tried a lot of the natural remedies which do not work. I just read the other day about a man who accidentally came across something and it was a heat cream for muscles that will actually make them come completely out of your body I haven't tried it but I'm going to order it it's called Aloe heat cream or lotion but you can find it by typing in Forever Living go there and you will find this. The man that posted this info said that after he put it on a thus slug and stuff started coming out if his body he said that he alternated it every other day with coconut oil because the day after of using the cream the coconut oil would reactivate the other cream... I'm going to order this myself because not only do I want to make all of this stop I want these bugs out of my body because I feel like they're making me sick. Anyway I hope in some way that my answer was helpful to you. READ MORE
  • aprilnazar12 August 25, 2016
    August 25, 2016
    Please respond back if you see this, id like to know as well. I have gotten them as well and was told the same thing. I believe it's a new breed of the scabies but I'm not a medical doctor or scientist I believe they need to look into this further. READ MORE
  • helptheinneed35 August 24, 2015
    August 24, 2015
    Ok, its not bugs in your eyes. I was there and did that. Thought the same thing. Been going crazy for the past year and a half. My faith in God has helped tremendously, also allergies whether you want to believe this or not plays a big part. You can itch to you bleed w allergies. You can also feel as if you have things moving on your skin if your having bad allergies to anything. Try Zadiator. Its 12.99 at walmarts. Its eye drops. They are on the shelves. If you haven't been to a dermotologist for to check allergies, do it. This has been a crazy year of seasonal things happening. Please. Take it from me, it works on your eyes right away! READ MORE
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